In an age where everything is meant to be easier, SKY has developed a world first application which will change the way you can upgrade your SKY subscription . . . and all at the touch of a button!!

The SKY Upgrade Channel can now be found on Channel 029 and is all about making it easier for you to upgrade to the channels you want, when you want them! Imagine realising that an All Blacks test is on and you don't have SKY Sport to watch it! Well with the SKY Upgrade Channel you just simply change the channel, follow the prompts (as per the following example) and within minutes you have access to all the SKY Sport channels in time for the big game! It's as easy as that!
It's easy to use the Upgrade Channel.
When you arrive at Channel 029, simply press the red button on your SKY remote and then follow these easy steps.
1.SKY upgrade channel step 1 The Upgrade Channel works by your decoder dialling into the SKY account network, so you'll need to have your phone line connected to the decoder to be able to use the SKY Upgrade Channel. After the application connects we're able to see what channels are available for you to upgrade to.
2. SKY upgrade channel step 2 By using the arrow keys on your remote, just scroll through the upgrade options until you find the package/channel you wish to upgrade to and press the green button to make your selection(s). If at any time you want to know more about the package/channel, simply press the i button as you normally would on the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).
3. SKY upgrade channel step 3
Once you have made your selections and are ready to proceed, press the select button to review the upgrades you have made. From here you will be able to see your existing monthly subscription cost as well as the new total monthly cost including the new upgrade. If there are any discounts on a package/channel you will see them here.
4. SKY upgrade channel step 4
When you are happy with your upgrade selections simply press the select button to confirm your upgrade. Within a few minutes you will be able to view your selections on screen. See, we told you it was easy! Go on, visit the SKY Upgrade Channel now on Channel 029 and upgrade to the package you always wished you had!