What are 'My Alerts'?

Programming Alerts allow you to be notified by Email when your favourite shows are on. You must have a SKY ID in order to use Alerts.

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To set up an email alert, go to the TV Guide and hover over your selected show, then click the  set Alert button.

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Once you have added an alert, you will be able to manage your preferences. You may have as many alerts as you wish.



To manage your alerts, you must be logged into the SKY website. Once logged in, use the links below to select which alerts to manage:

Programme alerts for sky.co.nz »
Programme alerts for primetv.co.nz

See below for how to manage your alerts:

Click on the show you wish to edit.

Set your preference of notification timing.

You can also set the alert for all episodes of the show. 
Note: By selecting this you will be sent an Email everytime this show airs on any day and any time.

Press UPDATE to save changes, DELETE to remove the alert or CANCEL to cancel it.

Need some help?

For more on programming alerts, visit our Online Help

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