Making A Formal Complaint
Not sure what the Broadcasting Standards are?

Read these first:
Free-to-air television code (pdf format)
Applies to Prime TV.

Pay TV code (pdf format)
Applies to all SKY Channels.
With the exception of complaints about breaches of privacy (which may be sent directly to the Broadcasting Standards Authority at PO Box 9213, Wellington), you must write to the broadcaster in the first instance.
If you are concerned about the content of a television programme, the law entitles you to complain and ensures that your complaint will be taken seriously. Through the process of Formal Complaints, viewers play an influential part in the maintenance of broadcasting standards.
How do I make a formal complaint?
There are two ways to make a formal complaint to SKY about a television programme on any of our digital satellite channels or Prime:
  1. Use our online complaint form (click here).
  2. Put your complaint in writing and post it to us. You must do the following:
    • Address it to
      Formal Complaints
      c/o Chief Executive, SKY Television
      P.O. Box 9059
    • Include a heading with the words ‘Formal Complaint’
    • State the name of the programme, the station it was on, and the time and date you saw or heard it
    • Say which broadcasting standard/s you think were breached, and why

If you cannot see the form, below, please contact us.