SKY Advertising

SKY Advertising

The SKY Advertising Sales team assists advertisers to take advantage of television's attractive audiences. Representing advertising opportunities on SKY's subscription television channels plus Prime as a FTA channel and SKYWATCH magazine, a wide variety of targeted campaigns can be recommended to suit an advertiser's specific needs. Opportunities include linear advertising of various lengths, Sponsorships, Infomercials and Interactive Television Advertising. SKY's digital platform ensures a wide variety of channel offerings to appeal to different people, from Sport and Movies to Documentary, News, Lifestyle and Children's as well as General Entertainment channels. Advertisers can tightly define their target and advertise in a chosen environment without wastage.


·  Prime TV
·  SKY Sport 1, 2, 3 and 4
·  SKY Movies Premiere
·  SKY Movies Extra
·  SKY Movies Family
·  SKY Movies Action
·  SKY Movies Greats
·  The BOX
·  E!
·  SKY News
·  The Living Channel
·  Food TV
·  National Geographic
·  History Channel
·  Discovery
·  Juice TV
·  Cartoon Network
·  Crime and Investigation Network
·  Vibe
·  Rugby Channel
·  MTV
·  Comedy Central
·  SoHo
·  Travel Channel
·  World TV
·  BBC Knowledge
·  Nick



Contact Details:
Phone: (09) 579 9999
Fax: (09) 520 3600
Please email for more information

Key Executives:
Rawinia Newton
Director of Advertising
Phone: (09) 531 6255

Craig Thomson
GM Sales Manager
Phone: (09) 531 6271

Terry Fergusson
GM Sales Manager
Phone: (09) 531 6234

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