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Look Closer – The Investigation has begun.

To continue SKY's ongoing commitment to provide unique and exclusive television, SKY TV launched CRIME & INVESTIGATION NETWORK onto the SKY Basic Package on 2nd September 2007.

Crime & Investigation Network (CI) lifts the lid on crime by investigating the drama of real life crime; from how forensic scientists solve crimes using cutting edge technology to what makes serial killers tick and meeting the men and women who risk their lives to put criminals behind bars. Go behind-the-scenes on criminal investigations, take an in-depth look at police work on some of the world's most fascinating cases and observe how technology helps solve 'cold cases'.

On CI you will see documentaries of infamous murderers, serial killers and outlaws, explore the world of science and how it catches killers, live the life of a cop as you cruise the beat, and see how life imitates art with high profile crime dramas.

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